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Fees and services


Costs and considerations

The basic charge for Jason's services is 5K (U.S. dollars), plus standard expenses (food, transportation, lodging).

For a conference, this basic charge typically includes a keynote, a book signing and breakout sessions on the same day. We are happy to negotiate costs for a 2nd or 3rd day. We are also happy to try to make arrangements with organizations that have budget limitations.

Involvement can also include activities that don't require preparation, like sitting on panels and conducting formal or informal meetings with leaders and conference attendants.

While at your conference or event, Jason likes to be involved, and is happy to discuss how this can happen.

For an in-service, symposium or consulting event, the terms are similar, though the specific activities may change.


The "Congeniality Contract"

This is a short, client-friendly contract in plain English rather than legaleze. In as few words as possible, it describes what everyone expects from each other. The purpose of having a contract is very simple: to clarify expectations and to make sure that your conference or event goes as smoothly as possible.

If you provide the information necessary to fill out the contract (dates, keynote desired, workshop desired, and other information identified in the contract), we are happy to fill it out and send it to you for your review.

Download contract (as PDF file).

Download contract (as Word file).