Bio and conference information

Conference requirements- ensuring a successful event


Collaborative planning

One size doesn't fit all.

Every conference or event is different and requires planning to advance the goals of your event and organization. Although Jason comes prepared with his own message, he is always happy to use local examples, add relevant material, or emphasize particular aspects of his keynote, worshops and consulting to help you advance your mission.

He looks forward to talking with you to make sure his participation in your event is as successful as possible.


Technology requirements

Every presentation is different and can have different technology requirements. However, generally speaking, this is what is needed:

Presentation equipment. A standard computer projection unit (the standard kind of display unit that projects an image onto a large screen) is needed.

Music connection. He needs some means to play music from his computer during his keynote. Typically this is piped through a central PA, or whatever sound system has been set up for speaking.

Wireless, hands-free, lavalier microphone. If the room in which Jason is speaking holds more than 50 people, then generally a microphone is needed. Because Jason walks around a great deal when he talks, and because he needs his hands free, a wireless lavalier mike that can be pinned to his shirt or suitcoat is essential.

White board and/or Chart Pak for workshops. In addition to the equipment described above, workshops and consulting (vs. keynotes) typically also require a white board and large paper (like, Chart Pak) that can be taped or attached to the wall.

Handouts. Keynotes usually do not require handouts, while workshops usually do. If handouts are required, he will send you PDF or Word files and ask you to make the copies.


Technical support

Jason likes to email or talk to technical support personnel well in advance of the conference, and then meet with them in-person once he has arrived in order to test equipment. Also, it's helpful to know how to find them on short notice if problems occur with the PA system, projection unit or other technical aspects of the presentation.


Book signing support

It is greatly appreciated if you can make arrangements to help sell books, which usually requires someone to sit at a table with him at the booksigning event to accept checks or cash (no credit cards can be used). That allows Jason to focus on signing and talking to conference participants.