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Digital Community, Digital Citizen

For our children shall it be two lives or one?

From the Committed Sardine:

Good news! Jason Ohler’s new book about digital citizenship, Digital Community, Digital Citizen, is available through Amazon. This is a proud addition to our 21st Century Fluency Project's ongoing family of books and resources for the digital age.

In typical fashion, Jason sees the big picture beyond the issues of bits and bandwidth, as he compels us to help students blend their many lives—real and virtual, digital and physical, local and global—into an integrated approach to living. He imagines an “ideal school board” that creates a Character Education program for the Digital Age, IT departments retuned for digital citizenship, and communities of involvement that not only address issues of digital citizenship, but have fun doing so. Where others spread panic, he spreads optimism and a belief that education, kids, technology and the Internet can mix brilliantly, creatively, safely.

In this articulate, well-researched, and accessible book, Jason translates the passion, humour, and insight he is well known for as a speaker to the printed page. If you want to know what digital citizenship is, where it’s headed, and what to do about it, this is the book to read.

Download the book's Preamble: Our Choice for Our Children: Two Lives or one?

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Digital Storytelling in the Classroom, 2nd ed.

New Media Pathways to Literacy, Learning and Creativity

Available through Amazon. Foreword by David Thornburg

Digital storytelling helps students explore content and develop literacy and creativity skills using their own language: new media. This book shows how to create effective stories regardless ofthe media you use, and explains why digital storytelling is a powerful tool to meet standards, infuse curriculum with meaningful activities and tap into your students' skills and talents. This book approaches storytelling and digital media production from a generalist perspective so that it can be used by teachers in any content area. The book assumes that the reader’s attitude toward the digital age classroom is a mixture of inspiration, intimidation and confusion. By the end of the book, readers will find life in the digital age classroom more manageable, productive and fun.

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Then What?

Everyone's Guide to Living, Learning and Having Fun in the Digital Age

"The new McLuhan has now arrived, in the person of Jason Ohler. Read THEN WHAT?, and see where we're headed."
Nebula Award Winner Robert Sawyer

A novel about how technology makes us crazy in an exciting kind of way. About living and learning in the Digital Age. About reinventing education. About telling stories, having fun, and staying human. Monty Python meets the Matrix meets Alvin Toffler on too much coffee.

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Taming the Beast

Choice and Control in the Electronic Jungle

"Of all the books appearing about media in the education of our youth, Jason Ohler's is, in my option, the best." Neil Postman

A book about how to see technology's impacts before they happen. About technology's eccentricities, behaviors, personalities. About technology as a liftestyle choice.

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Future Courses

A Compendium of Thought about Education, Technology and the Future

A collection of essays from some of the greatest minds of the technological age (Gardner, Gates, Rheingold, Postman, Kurzweil, Turkle) as well as fresh new voices from the worlds of art, storytelling, education and social criticism. About learning in the Digital Age and how schools will change. About what tomorrow's students and teachers will become.

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A Case Study of Online Community

A pre-Internet study of a virtual gathering

One of the earliest studies of online community that considered the ethos, activities, and goals of one of the first virtual gatherings. In it, we see the first glimmers of social media. This study considers what is truly important in an online community, why people turn to them, and what they ultimately get from them.

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Classroom Spreadsheet Activities

Book and Diskette

By 1987, the tool software revolution was well underway in education. However, while word processing and data base use in education were already the topic of many articles and books, spreadsheets in education was still relatively unexplored territory. Few articles existed on the topic and there was no book about it. So, Jason and his students - all of whom were pre-service or practicing teachers - decided to write one. It was published by the Alaska Department of Education and sold out quickly at educational technology conferences. Many years later, the ideas and lesson plans it contains are still relevant and useful.

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