Pictures of home

Juneau, Alaska and Prescott Valley, Arizona


Most people feel their home town is the most beautiful place on earth.

"I'm no different!" says Jason.

The first set of photographs are taken of Jason's neighborhood in Juneau, Alaska, as well as some of the outlying areas around Juneau. "On a good day, Juneau truly is the most beautiful place on the planet. The caveat is the phrase 'on a good day.' We get lots of rain here. The upside of the rain is that it helps keep the population down."

The second set of photographs are taken near Jason's second home in Prescott Valley. "While Juneau is white, and green and blue, Prescott Valley is brown, red and orange. Both are tremendously beautiful in their own way."

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Juneau Sunrise - November 27th, 2006 (Photo by John Fehringer)

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I have family in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Here's a sunset-